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Suzhou Taifang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise that designs and manufactures wire and cable mechanical equipment. For many years since its establishment, it has strong research and professional design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as a good market brand effect. Our company fully promotes an advanced quality assurance system to guide enterprise production management. Based on the characteristics of the industry and the actual situation of the company, a comprehensive quality manual, procedural documents, and departmental process operation manuals have been tailored to meet the requirements. This enables the effective implementation of various links such as raw material procurement, production process control, product quality inspection, and after-sales service, providing customers with better personalized services.

Pre sales

1. Technical exchange: Based on the latest developments in new materials, processes, and markets, timely output technical exchange information to customers. Guide customers to make relevant adjustments to the product.

2. Equipment update and renovation: Provide customers with the latest development achievements and equipment information of our company.

3. Visit: Regularly or irregularly visit customers, actively seek their opinions and suggestions on the quality of the company's products and services, and timely exchange knowledge on the reasonable use and maintenance of the company's products.

4. Reception: warmly welcome visiting customers of the company and explain the company's products, production capacity, quality assurance system, and other information. And inspect and verify the processing and research and development facilities of our company. And discuss reasonable suggestions for product quality, craftsmanship, and technology.

5. Technical explanation: Provide product knowledge and process explanations to customers based on their needs.

On sale

1. Timely supply: Strictly follow the contract provisions to provide users with satisfactory products in a timely manner.

2. Product Details: Before product delivery, fax the relevant configuration information of the product to the customer, so that the customer can understand the specific product delivery details in advance. Any omissions shall be coordinated and recognized by both parties.

3. Safe Shipping: When delivering the product, the delivery personnel are responsible for safely shipping and unloading the product to the customer's location.

After sales

1. Quality tracking: After product delivery, after-sales service is responsible for tracking product quality.

2. Installation and debugging services: Provide customers with installation and debugging services for connecting relevant equipment.

3. Installation and debugging guidance: Provide customers with technical guidance required for installation and debugging.

4. Quality processing time: When there are problems with product quality, operation, etc. during product delivery to customers, after-sales service personnel provide solutions within 24 hours.

5. Quality handling method: In case of equipment quality problems caused by defects in product design, processing, installation, and debugging, our company will replace qualified accessories within 7 working days.


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