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High speed cutting machine

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A. Application:

Suitable for cutting and binding various power cords, plug cords, and electronic connecting cords, there are two types of standard independent cutting machines and linkage cutting machines.

B. Structure of Equipment:

The high-speed wire cutting machine is composed of a straightening mechanism, a meter counting device, a belt traction mechanism, a wire tying mechanism (or wire pushing mechanism), a wire taking mechanism, a belt conveying mechanism, etc. The cutting length, quantity per bundle, cumulative number of cutting lines, and meter length can all be set arbitrarily.

C. Technical Features:

This machine has stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, high cutting accuracy, and automatic control, which improves work efficiency and makes operation simpler and safer.

D. Technical specifications:

PurposeSuitable for cutting and binding power cords, plug cords, and electronic connecting wires
Cutting capacityCircular lineφ4.0-10mm flat wire thickness 2.0X4.0mm-5.0X10mm
Min cutting length300mm
Wiring methodStringing
Max speedUp to 300 meters per minute/up to 300 pieces per minute
Cutting length300-99999mm (maximum) finger pull type arbitrary setting
Cutting accuracy+-3m/m
Line supply method AAfter connecting the extruder, synchronize with the extruder host
Line supply method BIron shaft, wooden shaft, constant tension power compensation active wire feeding
Pay-off axisφ630-1250m Active Tension Payoff Machine
Main equipmentPower pay-off machine, tension frame, cutting host, electrical control box, conveyor platform
PowerHost 3HP+conveyor platform 2HP+PLC full computer control
Power SupplyThree phase 380V+zero line, frequency 50HZ
Land occupationL5.5MxW2MxH1.8M (standard length)
Product weightHost 520KG+conveying platform 4m 320KG
PaintingNo.2 Apple Green


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