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PV cable extruder

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It is suitable for the production of solar photovoltaic cable, Low smoke zero halogen material cable, irradiation cable, XL-PE cross-linked polyethylene cable; It is also suitable for extrusion of conventional plastics such as PVC and PE, mainly used for extrusion production of solar photovoltaic cables with an area of 4 square meters and 6 square meters.

B.【Technique Feature】:

1. Precise extrusion process control, the outer diameter error of extrusion can be controlled within ± 0.05mm, and the production speed of 6 square lines can reach over 150 meters.

2. Specially equipped with a horizontal extrusion attachment machine, meeting special process technical requirements such as double layer co extrusion.

3. Equipped with advanced irradiation material double-layer co extrusion machine head, ensuring various process requirements such as insulation thickness and concentricity of the product.

4. Equipped with a fast-changing flange head, it can achieve quick shutdown and double layer color change, greatly improving production efficiency.

5. The screw barrel adopts the latest structural design in Japan, which can simultaneously meet the extrusion of Low smoke zero halogen materials and ordinary PVC materials. There is no need to replace the screw, and the plasticizing effect is good, and the extrusion volume is large.

6. PLC+professional CNC software, industrial computer control, storage display and correction of various process parameters, full process control, adjustment, and monitoring of production line status.

C.【Technique Specifications】:

Machinery typeTF-70+80TF-80+90
Extrusion materialsLow smoke zero halogen materials, XL-PE, PVC, irradiation crosslinking, etc
Pay-off typePower or passive pay-offPower or passive pay-off
Payout spoolPN500-630PN500-630
Screw ODΦ 70+80Φ 80+90
Screw L/D26:126:1
Main motor power50HP+60HP60HP+70HP
Wire ODΦ 3.0-10.0Φ 3.0-15.0
temperature controlSection 6+7Section 6+7
Cooling deviceU-shaped single or double layerU-shaped single or double layer
Towing power5HP7.5HP
Storage rack typeHorizontalHorizontal
Storage length200200
Outgoing speedMAX150MAX180
Take-up typeDouble or single axisDouble or single axis
Take-up spoolPN500-800PN500-800
electric controlPLC controlPLC control


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