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300# Four pairs of wrapping machines

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TF-300 PLC Computerized Four Pair Power Wrapping Machine

Equipment Configuration and Technical Parameters

1、 Purpose:

This machine is specifically suitable for wrapping seven types of network cables or four pairs of twisted pair shielded data cables, such as aluminum foil, Mylar tape, copper foil, and other four pairs of core wires that can be wrapped simultaneously for one-time production. This machine is usually used online with 4-head active wire laying and cross frame during cable formation.

2、 Main technical parameters:

1. Supply range: φ0.5mm-φ4.0mm;

2. Complete the outer diameter range: Φ0.6mmΦ4.5mm

3. Type of wrapping head: straight wrapping type.

4. Wrapping pitch: depends on the speed of the cable forming machine

5. Maximum traction speed: 80M/min (depending on wire diameter and bandwidth)

6. Strap disc specification: PN300MM

7. Winding disc motor power: 0.75KW Taiwan Shengbang reduction motor (AC variable frequency)

8. Belt tension: The 0.6KG Taiwan Shiyi magnetic powder tensioner controls constant tension and automatically adjusts the tension between full and empty discs.

9. Equipment center height: 1000MM

10. Wrapping direction: S/Z arbitrary conversion

11. Unit coating: Apple green (according to customer requirements)


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