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800P Cantilever single strander

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Suitable for assembling multi-core wires and cables such as Class 5 and Class 6 data cables, HDMI digital cables, and computer cables into cables, which can be synchronously wrapped (constant tension active longitudinal wrapping) or passively side laid wrapped (dragging).

B.【Structure of Equipment】:

Pay-off rack (active pay-off, passive pay-off, horizontal release button release, vertical release twist release), single strander host, center wrapping machine, side winding wrapping machine, meter counting device, electric control system, etc.

C.【Technique Feature】:

1. Adopting a cantilever structure, the rotary body has small rotational inertia, high rotational speed, and smooth operation, thus ensuring stable product performance.

2. The reciprocating movement of the take-up box drives the precise positioning of the take-up reel to the left and right, and the twisted cables are arranged neatly.

3. Adopting excellent designs such as computer set stranding distance, no guide pulleys, and rotating disc arrangement, ensuring balanced tension between wires and shortening the cable routing.

4. Increase the diameter of the steering guide wheel to minimize cable bending and ensure the quality of stranded cables.

5. Compared with traditional single stranding machines, it avoids the unsafe factor of breaking the positioning screw rod at high speed.

6. The loading and unloading line reel is convenient and has low labor intensity.

D.【Technique specifications】:

Machinery typeTF-800P
Applicable OD0.5-5.0
Stranded ODMAX20mm
strand pitch20-300
Max speed800RPM
BrakesPneumatic braking device  
Wrapping deviceS/Z direction, OD 300mm
Electric controlPLC control


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