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HGSB High speed braiding machine

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Information high-speed broadband network requires high-quality and demanding coaxial cables. We provide you with a solution. TF high-speed weaving machines are more suitable for producing high demand computer cables, network cables (6 cables and 7 cables), and advanced audio cables.

B.【Technique Feature】:

This machine adopts advanced programmable and variable frequency control technology, touchscreen control, and features stepless speed regulation, high-speed weaving, full fault display, low noise, high reliability, high accuracy, and high intensity. Using a specific weaving method, the spindle has an automatic tension control mechanism, adjustable tension, and an automatic lubrication system and safety noise reduction protective cover. This machine can not only weave copper wire, but other metal wires such as aluminum magnesium alloy wire, stainless steel wire, etc. can also be woven. The spindle capacity of this machine is the largest among all weaving machines, and can reach 1.5 kilograms of copper wire when fully loaded. Compared with other models, this model does not need to change the spring when changing the specifications of the weaving wire, and only needs to adjust the spring tension slightly.

C.【Technique specifications】:

ProjectTechnical parameters of high-speed weaving machine
Weaving method2 stacks 2
Weaving directionvertical
Number of ingots16 ingots (8 upper ingots, 8 lower ingots)
Spindle sizeφ80×φ22×φ80 (inner width) orφ75×φ22×φ70 (inner width)
Spindle speed0-150 rpm (stepless speed regulation)
Weaving pitch3.2-32.5mm or 6.4-65mm
Max woven OD0-16mm
Max production speed580m/h
Main engine power/speed2.2 kW/1400 RPM
Available coil OD≤800mm
Braided ODφ0.05-0.18
External dimensions1200mm×1500mm×2050mm


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