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Electronic wire extruder

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Suitable for high-speed extrusion of plastics such as PVC, PP, PE, etc., mainly used for the production of UL electronic wires, computer wire cores, power wire cores, automotive wires, BV, BVV building wires, power wires, computer wires, insulated wires, power cables, etc.

B.【Structure of Equipment】:

It is composed of accessories such as pay-off frame, straightener, host, main control cabinet, printing machine, water tank, wheel traction machine (track traction machine), wire storage frame, spark machine, dual axis or non axis take-up machine, etc. It can be equipped with active pay-off, powder passing machine, shaftless pay-off, copper wire preheater, laser excitation caliper, high-frequency spark machine, etc.

C.【Technique Specifications】:

Machinery typeTF-35TF-45/50TF-65/70TF-80TF-90
Pay-off typePassive/ActivePassive/ActivePassive/ActiveDual axislarge axis
Payout spool300-500mm500-630mm500-630mm630-1000mm630-1000mm
Screw ODΦ 35Φ 45 or 50φ 65 or 70φ eightyφ ninety
Screw L/D26:126:126:126:125:1
Main motor10HP20HP30HP40HP50HP
Wire ODφ 0.4-3.0φ 1.0-5Φ 2.0-15Φ 3.0-20Φ 4.0-25
Temperature control5 segments5 segments6 segments7 segments7 segments
Cooling deviceU TypeU TypeU TypeU TypeU Type
Towing power3HP3HP5HP7.5HP7.5HP
Wire storage rackHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontalHorizontal
Storage length200200200200200
Outgoing speedMAX500MAX500MAX500MAX400MAX300
Take-up typeBinding/shaft mountingBinding/shaft mountingBinding/shaft mountingBiaxialBiaxial
Take-up spool500-630mm500-630mm500-630mm800-1250mm800-1250mm
Electric controlPLC controlPLC controlPLC controlPLC controlPLC control


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