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High-speed twinning machine

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Suitable for stranded copper wires, insulated core wires, and insulated twisted pair cables for Class 5/6 data cables. The pay-off rack is composed of passive pay-off or dual disc active pay-off machines. Arrange and place in a single line or back to back form, with each pay-off reel actively pay-off using a variable frequency high-speed motor, and the pay-off tension is controlled by a highly sensitive tension swing rod feedback to ensure uniform tension and stable pitch of the four pairs of wires.

B.【Technique Feature】:

1. Use large diameter turning guide wheels to minimize cable bending and ensure the quality of stranded cables.

2. The take-up tension is controlled by a highly sensitive imported magnetic powder clutch and a programmable controller (PLC) to ensure uniform take-up tension.

3. The entire machine adopts an interactive human-machine interface control station, which displays device status, operation instructions, and parameter settings at any time, ensuring that the machine operates in the best state and excellent product performance.

4. The loading and unloading line reel is convenient and has low labor intensity.

C.【Technique specifications】:

Machinery typeTF-800PTF-1000PTF-1250P

Twisting of copper wire or core wires of three or more data or communication cables,

 and twisting of multiple copper wires

Rotation speedMax800rpmMax600rpmMax500rpm
Core wire ODCore wire φ 0.8-5.5Core wire φ 0.8-6.5Core wire φ 0.8-8
Copper wire ODCopper wire φ 0.4-1.6Copper wire φ 0.45-2.0Copper wire φ 0.5-2.7
Max Core wire stranded ODφ 12mmφ 16mmφ 20mm
Max Copper wire stranded ODφ 6.5mmφ 8.5mmφ 10mm
Strand pitch30-200mm30-200mm30-200mm
Coiling shaftΦ 800mmΦ 1000mmΦ 1250mm
Drive motor15HP20HP30HP
Loading and unloading spoolManual screw type + automatic locking mechanism
Twisting directionS/ZS/ZS/Z
Take-up methodConstant magnetic particle tension from empty disk to full disk  
BrakingAutomatic electromagnetic brake with internal and external broken wires


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