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Stranding machine:Explore New Quality Productive Forces

Release time:2024-03-29Popularity:133

Kuaishou's co-founder Yang Yuanxi announced that the firm's R&D expenditure Stranding machine in 2023 reached a total of 12.3 billion yuan. In the field of artificial intelligence, Kuaishou's AI team has independently developed the large language model "Kuaiyi" and the text-to-image large model "Ke Tu". It is reported that the latest 175B version of the "Kuaiyi" large model has reached the level of ChatGPT-3.5 and is catching up with GPT-4.

Kuaishou is actively expanding its new content production capabilities. With the popularity of short dramas, Kuaishou is also actively exploring innovative content forms. According to Yang Yuanxi, as of the end of 2023, there were 326 "Xing Mang" short dramas with over 100 million views on Kuaishou, the number of short drama creators exceeded 100,000, the number of daily active users of short dramas reached 270 million, and the number of paid users of short dramas increased by 3 times year-on-year.



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